Getting Started

At Zoom, we believe in quality and assuring everyone moves with proper mechanics. If you do not have any prior fitness experience, you will do a one-on-one personal training class with one of our coaches. During this session, you will learn the fundamental movements of our fitness program and be exposed to weightlifting and powerlifting movements.

The one-on-one experience ensures us that you will fully understand all the movements. This session lasts anywhere between 90 to 120 minutes, all depending on how fast you learn. Once you are done with this class, depending on your current level of fitness, we may recommend for you to try our STROWKE classes for the first 3-4 weeks to prepare you for our classes.

The cost of this private session is $100.

If you have prior experience, we will assess you to determine if you need to do our private fundamentals training.

Zoom Fitness membership packages

*Discounted rates for students (must show ID), couples & government officials.

For rates please email or give us a call to